Chancellor Sandeen's statement on faculty tenure

By UW Colleges

UW Colleges and UW-Extension Chancellor Cathy Sandeen has distributed the following statement on tenure:  

The Joint Committee on Finance omnibus motion on the UW System budget removed tenure from state statutes and added language related to layoff and termination of tenured faculty. This action has raised questions throughout the university, the state and the nation about the impact on academic freedom.

Academic freedom is a foundational pillar of US higher education, is integral to our ability to deliver on the Wisconsin Idea, and must be preserved for the good of our state. Faculty must be free to continue the "fearless sifting and winnowing by which the truth can be found."

On June 5, the Board of Regents voted to develop its own policy affirming tenure and defining policies going forward. I am convinced they will write policies that will comply with law and prevent arbitrary layoffs of tenured faculty, something for which I will advocate strenuously. I remain committed to working with UW System Administration and the Board of Regents to ensure academic freedom is preserved.


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Sandra Kallio