A Day-In-The-Life: Rebecca Hassebrock

By Rebecca Hassebrock

Ever wonder what the day-in-the-life of a UW-Baraboo/Sauk County student looks like? We reached out to current student, Rebecca Hassebrock, to see what her average day looks like. Though every student is involved in different activities and has a unique schedule, Rebecca’s day can give you an inside look at what it’s like to be a Fighting Spirit.  

7 a.m. Starting my day

I wake up, grab some breakfast and get ready to start my day. I don't have class until the afternoon, but I make sure my books and notes are ready in my backpack. I bring a lunch with me. 

8 a.m. Off to work!

student answering the phone

I get to work a few minutes early to settle in before the phone has a chance to start ringing. I work in the Solution Center, so I get to say hello to students and professors as they stop by our office. 

11 a.m. Time to recharge

student getting coffee

I'm out of the office! I stop by the cafeteria for a (generously large) cup of coffee, which I'll need for the rest of my busy day. I meet with a friend to talk about the reading for our class later. 

1 p.m. The show will go on


I finish my lunch and stop by the theater.  My friends and I work during Costume Club to find props for this semester's play. There are some great finds! 

3 p.m. Class time

Time for English class! "The Machine Stops" was well-liked by our class and our professor encourages the energetic conversation. I start brainstorming topics for our weekly writing assignment, which we turn in each Tuesday. 

5 p.m. Naptime

napping student

A quick nap before tonight's rehearsal! I live on-campus, so I have time to eat dinner at home before walking over to the theater. We have a month and a half until opening night, so our cast is still working on memorizing lines! 

9 p.m. The day winds down

Rehearsals are over for the night and it's time for me to finish up my homework for tomorrow. I have an online class, so I make sure all of my assignments are turned in for this week.