Find Your Compatible Major

Students at UW Colleges can match with hundreds of majors
By UW Colleges

It's not easy finding the perfect major. With all the options you have out there, we thought technology could help with the decision. Enter major, the hottest new app* that helps students find their compatible field of study. Here are a few profiles many of our students have swiped right on in the past. Maybe one of them will be your perfect match!

Comm arts graphic

Communication Arts

Hi, I’m Comm Arts and I am the major for you. Not only will I help you in your everyday life, I will also make you marketable to employers. I love public speaking, reading and writing. If you want to talk rhetoric and media, I’m your major. I would also love to help you dive into learning production skills. Hmu if you’re ready to become a better communicator! 

Health sciences graphic

Health Sciences

Hey it’s me, Health Sciences. Without me we might not even be here…or at least we’d be seriously ill. Swipe right on me, and you’ll always have a place to work and be able to find a meaningful career. Now I sometimes like to play hard to get, so you’ll have to put in the work. I’m worth it though! I can help you become a nurse, doctor or physician’s assistant, and that’s not even close to all the possibilities you have with me. I’m here to stay for the long run. 

criminal justice graphic

Criminal Justice

Stop, in the name of a great major. I'm Criminal Justice and I'm always looking for students who are dedicated to serving their communities. Together, we could find careers in law enforcement, security, or the legal field. If you have a desire to serve, I'm the one for you!

Education Graphic


Hello, I am Education. I am the major that brought you to college. Without me you wouldn't be able to read, write or do long division. Why not give me a try? Together we can mold young minds and make the world a better place. I’m looking for someone with a flexible personality since I offer a variety of subjects and grade levels to teach. If you swipe right on me, I promise I’ll teach you a thing or two about being an educator. 

business graphic


Greetings, I’m Business but I’m not strictly business! Along with learning about financial audits and bookkeeping, I let your creative juices flow. I need a critical thinker who can solve problems but isn’t afraid to try new things. Also, who doesn’t love a major that gives them a variety of career choices? Finance, marketing, accounting and project management are just a few. DM me if I’m the major for you. 

*Note: major is not a real app