Tips for Making the Most of Your Summer Course

By UW Colleges

female student in class

Taking a summer course was a smart decision! You can get ahead while making your semester schedule more flexible. Use this time to make the most of this course by following these tips:

Channel Your Focus


Now that it’s summer doesn’t mean it’s time to slack off. While you can enjoy the fun aspects of the season like spending more time with friends and trying new actives, don’t forget that your summer course is a priority. Use this extra time to really dive deep into course materials and thoroughly understand the material.

Find a Study Group

study group

Finding classmates who you enjoy spending time with makes studying that much easier. Have some fun with it by choosing a new study spot every time you all get together. Peers are a great resource to better understand assignments and course concepts.

Set a Study Schedule

student studying

Prioritizing your course and study time are important in succeeding. Plan a time each day to focus on your course. Be sure to take study breaks but then get back in the zone.

Talk to Your Professor

professor and student

Your professor is your best resource for doing well in your summer course. They are there to answer questions and clarify concepts outside of class. Communication is important or else they may not know you need assistance.

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