UW Colleges: Plans For Winter Break

Faculty and staff prepare courses, improve campus, look forward to spring
By UW Colleges

The fall semester is nearly over and students are ready to enjoy a well-deserved break. Just because students are away though, doesn't mean faculty and staff are taking it easy. For many, winter break is a time to prepare classes for next semester, publish research, make improvements to campus, teach a Winterim class and complete a host of other tasks to make the coming semester better than the last.

Faculty and staff on our campuses wish all our students a happy and healthy winter break. Here's what we'll be doing while you're away!

UW-Baraboo/Sauk County

Winter on UW-Baraboo/Sauk County Campus

“I will be working on revising my new course Ant 343 for the spring semester. I also hope to complete an article on my research with my German colleague comparing drug policies in Portugal, Germany, and the United States.” - Dr. Annette Kuhlman, Professor American Indian Studies/Anthropology-Sociology

“I am preparing for the spring semester with some much needed R&R in New York City.  I’ll be seeing Springsteen on Broadway!” - Claire Reinke, Associate Lecturer of English

“I will be teaching a Winterim course, Astronomy 100, at UW-Baraboo/Sauk County from January 2nd - 19th. The class will meet on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 1:00 – 4:25 p.m. for only 3 weeks (that’s just 6 days)!” - Roberta Koch, Senior Lecturer of Physics and Astronomy

“I'm teaching a Winterim class—The Films of Alfred Hitchcock!” - Dr. Marc Seals, Associate Professor of English

UW-Barron County

Photo of UW-Barron County campus in winter

"Over winter break I'll do some preliminary research on the effectiveness of athletics recruiting at NCAA universities and putting on home games as Athletics Director on campus. I'd also like to get out and do some winter camping with my wife Nathali!" - Christopher Jones, Health & Exercise Science Lecturer, Athletic Director

"I plan to focus on continuing my development work with UW Colleges Online and initiating my coursework from the University of Wisconsin leading to a Professional Certificate in Online Education." - Mark Conrad, Senior Lecturer of Political Science/Criminal Justice

UW-Fond du Lac

Winter at UW-Fond du Lac

"I'll be retooling my Business and Professional Communication class to work closely with two new clients from the community: TEDxFond du Lac and the Sophia Foundation. Students will learn about branding and marketing while writing social media content for TedXFond du Lac." - Kristi Wilkum, Assistant Professor of Communications and Theatre Arts

"I am re-working two courses for spring: Creative Writing is getting a new text and new assignments. I'm also preparing my American Indian in Literature and Film with two new texts -- one of which is Louise Erdrich's The Round House so we can take part in some "Wisconsin Reads" activities." - Alayne Peterson, Associate Professor of English

"I will be upgrading equipment in the distance education classrooms and taking breaks between projects by sledding down the big hill at UW-Fond du Lac!" - Rhonda Stucky, Academic Technology Specialist

"I have been invited to participate in a teaching and research laboratory exercise based on isolation and identification of antibiotic-producing bacteria. The project is called the Small World Initiative and is based out of the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery at UW-Madison." - David Demezas, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

UW-Fox Valley

Winter at UW-Fox Valley

"I will be preparing for spring classes by ordering and testing materials for hands-on activities. I'm also working on several research and development projects related to hexacopter drones and solar panels." - Warren Vaz, Assistant Professor of Engineering

"I am going to visit my family in Illinois. I'm always happy to go home and eat lots of the great food my home region is famous for!" - Beth Johnson, Associate Professor of Geography/Geology

"I'm going to run several new Boy Scout merit badge workshops over winter break by getting more clubs on campus involved with the program. I'm also working on a Continuing Education course called "Easy as Pie!" - Rose Marie Lewis, Senior Laboratory Prep. Technician


Winter at UW-Manitowoc

"I am looking forward to working on my book project about human rights norms and refugee governance. I'll also be reading some new articles about the U.S. immigration debate to include in my POL 101 course in spring. I am also excited for winter walks with my dog along Lake Michigan!" - Alise Coen, Assistant Professor of Political Science

UW-Marathon County

Winter at UW-Marathon County

"I'm teaching a class titled "Genetics in Food Production, Medicine, and Beyond," for Good Ideas, a three-day program on our campus for older adults. I'll also lead a microscope activity for seventh graders as part of the Think College program on campus." - Kristine Prahl, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

"I'll be making items for our blind student to use when she takes Statistics in the spring. Things like a bell-shaped curve and something to cover it to represent the shading of certain areas. Basically, I'll be doing stats and thinking of how to adapt the class for our blind student."  - Joanne Juedes, Lecturer of Mathematics

"I plan to complete my manuscript on the history of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball stadiums and send it off to the publisher! I'm also developing two new courses for Continuing Education!" - Connie Sexauer, History Professor


Photo of UW-Marinette Campus snowing

"January is a busy month for our basketball teams and as Athletic Director, I'll be making last-minute adjustments to travel plans and preparing contests for our home court. I'll also take part in committee meetings and prepare my spring semester courses." - Keith West, Associate Professor, Geography/Geology and Athletic Director

"My break will be busy with prepping a new class (Children's Literature) and improving a couple others for spring semester, starting as the interim coordinator for the Writing Tutors on campus, chairing a committee focused on fine-tuning next year's course offerings and presenting to a group of local 8th graders about preparing for college. I'm also taking a few days to spend with my two boys and husband!" - Jennifer Flatt, Professor of English and World Languages

UW-Marshfield/Wood County

Winter at UW-Marshfield/Wood County

"International Club will be going ice fishing in January for the first time. Several community members will join together to help facilitate the event and teach students how to fish! On a personal note, I own a homestead and we raise rare breed chickens and rabbits. The chick hatching season begins the second week of January!" - Emery Bork, International and IEP Program Coordinator

"I'm writing a research article for a book on Louise Erdrich's Justice trilogy." - Julie Tharp, Professor of American Indian Studies

UW Colleges Online

Student on laptop studying

"I'll be advising students who chose to skip break in favor of making continual progress toward their degree in one of our many Winterim courses." - Cassie Chulick, Student Affairs Advisor

"I plan to enjoy a few days with my son who is on break from York University. In January I'll complete four new courses for spring semester deliver and teach a section of the History of Rock and Roll during the Winterim semester." - John Hollenbeck, Sr. Instructional Design Consultant


Winter at UW-Richland

“Finishing a draft of a novel!” - Marnie Dresser, Professor of English

“I’ll be teaching HES 217 Social Aspects of Sport (IS, ES, and SS) course.” - Gail Hoffman, Professor of Health & Exercise Science

UW-Rock County

Winter at UW-Rock County

“Chair’s Training through UW Colleges, UWC All Assessment meeting, write my activity report, designing Online Professional Development Series for faculty across the nation via POGIL…” - Dr. Kristin Plessel, Associate Professor of Chemistry

“Recruiting Rattlers for spring 2018 through advising & registration seminars on January 4, 11 and 18!” - Janine Peterson, Student Life & Events Coordinator

“Working with UW-Whitewater on the restructuring process to best benefit all of our #Rattlers & #RockStars!” - Shawna Connor, Regional Director of Communications


Female student art class

"I'm teaching EGR 111: Computer-Aided Design over Winterim and preparing a new class for spring." - Guy Campbell, UW-Platteville Lecturer

"I'll be finishing an article for 14-18 Online, the Online Encyclopedia of the First World War." - Mark Karau, Professor of History

UW-Washington County

Winter at UW-Washington County

"Winterim is a busy time in the Solution Center! As an academic advisor, I am helping new UW-Washington County students select spring courses!" - Liz Schielke, Academic Advisor

"I'll be teaching Anthropology 350: Introduction to Medical Anthropology and doing research on Poverty Point." - Chris Hays, Professor of Anthropology


Winter at UW-Waukesha

"I'll be teaching a three-week Winterim course, acquiring data from a survey center, doing literature review for research and integrating a new study app into my online course for spring" - Colin Wang, Associate Professor of Anthropology-Sociology

"I'll be revising and writing course content for a number of classes, and preparing a summer course to be taught at the UW-Waukesha Field Station. If there is sufficient enrollment I'll also teach Philosophy 248: Biomedical Ethics this Winterim session. On top of that, there will be catching up on clerical work, technology updates and general housekeeping. There is no break time!" - Bill Schneider, Senior Lecturer of Philosophy

"I am planning on teaching a Winterim session class (Introduction to Public Speaking) while also preparing for spring semester classes." - Cami Bergquist, Senior Lecturer Communications and Theatre Arts

"I"ll be returning for my fourth year as Guest Artist teaching a Cabaret workshop at the 2018 Virginia State Thespian Conference, an annual theatre conference for high school students." - Candace Decker, Student Development Program Assistant

"I'll be processing student requests for Accommodation Services for spring semester!" - Kristin Hoffmann, Director of Student Accessibility Services