UW Colleges Summer Session Experiences

By UW Colleges

Summer break is just around the corner and you're probably coming up with ways to make the most of it. The summer months are a great time to hit the lake, catch a baseball game or take a trip. If you're looking to have it all, to have some fun and get ahead, UW Colleges summer courses are perfect for you.

Enrollment for UW Colleges' summer session is open now, and you can take classes at a local campus or through UW Colleges Online. These classes are a great way to stay on track for graduation and take part in a learning experience unlike any other. Here are some unique courses UW Colleges has to offer, whatever your interest: 

1. Leadership in Adventure Education and Outdoor Pursuits

Spend 5 days hiking, camping, rock climbing and exploring southern Wisconsin in this excursion-focused field course through UW-Baraboo/Sauk County.  This Health Science course is open to students across the state and will teach participants leadership skills while they take in the natural beauty of summertime in Wisconsin.  

Student looking out over lake

2. Popular Culture in the Media

Pop culture is all around us. It influences what we watch, what we talk about and even the memes we share. This summer, learn the ins-and-outs of pop culture at UW-Waukesha. This course covers entertainment, advertisements, film, television, music and music videos. After this class, you’ll look at popular culture in a brand new way.

students in class

3. Career & Life Planning

Get ahead this summer with BUS 194: Career & Life Planning at UW-Washington County. In this course, you will develop career goals and come up with a plan for achieving those goals. You will learn more about your personal interests, decision-making skills and career plans. Use this extra time to prepare for your future because it will be here before you know it.

job interview

4. Choose a variety of astronomy courses

If recent blockbusters are any indication, space is a hot topic. If you're interested in space, but don't know where to start, a variety of our campuses offer astronomy courses that'll pique your interest. Whether it's a Survey of Astronomy at UW-Rock County; Stars, Galaxies and the Universe at UW-Washington County; or Mysteries of the Universe at UW-Waukesha, there's an interesting lesson on space waiting for you.

Photo of outer space

5. Archeology Field School 

Want to get your hands dirty this summer? In Archeology Field School through UW-Baraboo/Sauk County, you will spend your days at an actual archeological field project. There, you will learn a variety of surveying techniques, methods of excavation and how to analyze the data you find. Take advantage of this hands-on course.

shovel in dirt

6. First-Year Seminar

Attention all incoming freshman, now is your chance to get ahead before even starting college! At UW-Marathon County or UW Colleges Online, you can take the First-Year Seminar this summer. Through this seminar, you will ease into transitioning from high school to college. You’ll learn life management skills, active learning skills and how to become involved on campus.

students in lecture

7. Internship in Communication and Theatre Arts

Students looking for a valuable summer experience outside the classroom need look no further than UW-Marinette, which offers a unique opportunity in television news. Students will get hands-on experience in broadcast news while keeping a work journal of their experiences in the field. This course gives students the chance to learn in a real-life setting while knocking out credits toward graduation.

Student listening to lecture

8. Online options galore

Don't see any summer classes for you at your local campus? Don't live close enough to campus to make the trip? There are plenty of course options at UW Colleges Online! You can work these classes into your summer schedule and your credits will transfer to any school in the UW System. With a variety of options and the assurance your credits will count no matter where you go, there's no reason not to try out a summer class!

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