Electronic Portfolio

The State of Wisconsin requires that all initial educators submit an electronic portfolio at the completion of student teaching. Requirements for the final portfolio include:

  • official scores on the edTPA portfolio
  • a current resume
  • a teaching philosophy statement
  • documentation supporting how you addressed InTASC Standards 9 and 10
  • Pre-Professional Development Plan (PPDP)

Submit all portfolios electronically where they are graded as Pass or Fail. To receive a passing grade, the rubric must show satisfactory completion of each standard. Your final electronic portfolio is submitted after successful completion of student teaching. Your electronic portfolio needs to demonstrate growth in the knowledge, skills and dispositions towards teaching Mathematics, Science or Technology Education.

edTPA Portfolio

Submit your edTPA must be submitted through Pearson Education Inc. where it is scored by a national panel of reviewers. As of September 1, 2014 all act! students must submit an edTPA for scoring by Pearson. A passing score [yet to be set by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction] on the edTPA is required by the prior to recommending the initial educator license. The $300 cost for the review of an edTPA portfolio is included in the Admission fee for the act! program. An edTPA must include artifacts and commentaries that address:

  • Planning for instruction and assessment
  • Instruction and engaging students in learning 
  • Assessing student learning

Overall, an edTPA needs to focus on:

  • An analysis of your teaching effectiveness 
  • Your ability to use and develop academic language in your discipline

Pre-Professional Development Plan

The final component of your portfolio is a Pre-Professional Development Plan (PPDP). The PPDP is a plan you design to facilitate your growth in one or more areas. The PPDP is the mechanism you will use to renew your initial educator license and the PPDP is your opportunity to get started on that process before completing the act! program. See the DPI website for more information about writing a PPDP.