Distance Education

The UW branch campuses offers Distance Education (DE) courses to students in order to expand our course offerings and to meet the time constraints of students.

DE courses are offered using the following modes of delivery:

Compressed Video Courses

Compressed video utilizes audio, computer, and video connections simultaneously, enabling faculty and students to discuss and interact while viewing each other in a real-time classroom setting. There is a per credit Tech Fee for CV courses.


Wisline Web links an audio connection with common web-based courseware, allowing faculty and students to discuss and interact with each other's documents and graphics in a real-time classroom setting. There is a per credit Tech Fee for WLW courses.

Streaming Video 

For streaming video courses, lectures are recorded and made available via the internet. Class participation and assignment submission may take place online or may be combined with on-campus class attendance. Students should contact the instructor for details on how streaming video is used in a specific course. There is a per credit Tech Fee for streaming video courses.


Online courses do not meet at a particular time or place, but they are structured within the academic semester time frame and require class participation several times each week. These courses have different tuition, fees, and payment requirements; they are listed at online.uwc.edu

Textbooks for Distance Education Classes

A comprehensive list of required and supplemental textbooks for Fall 2014 NODE course is available HERE until further online bookstore info is available.  

For further information about Non-Online Distance Education, please contact NODE Director Scott Bouffleur at (715) 261-6206 or scott.boufleur@uwc.edu