Associate of Arts & Sciences Degree

What is the Associate of Arts and Sciences degree?

The Associate of Arts and Sciences (AAS) degree is the foundation for more than 200 college majors and for the bachelor's degree. The associate degree provides a 2-year, liberal arts-based general education with courses in the fine arts and humanities, mathematical and natural sciences and social sciences. You may choose to select an associate degree emphasis to focus on one or more disciplines.  

Why should I earn an Associate degree?

The associate degree is generally accepted by other University of Wisconsin System institutions as fulfilling the system-wide general education requirements. When you transfer, you can focus on courses from your major in your junior and senior years.   In the workplace, it signals to employers that you have advanced skills in communications, advanced skills and workplace dynamics.

How do I start?

Talk with your academic advisor at your campus Solution Center Office

See the University of Wisconsin Colleges catalog for more information.