Wisconsin in Scotland Program

Join University of Wisconsin students from around the System for a semester or summer in Scotland. Study under University of Wisconsin and University of Edinburgh faculty while living in Dalkeith House, an 18th century manor house known to the Scots as Dalkeith Palace.

The program includes planned extracurricular activities to acquaint students with various facets of British culture, history, politics, and daily life plus course-related field trips, House field trips, time for independent travel around Scotland or Europe, an internship (semester only) and a friendship family (semester only). All in one incredible package!

Academic Program

  • Designed to allow you to earn credits toward your degree
  • Core curriculum (REQUIRED)
  • Minimum of one course taught by British Instructor
  • "Scotland: Society & Globalization" Course
  • Courses taught by UW Faculty
  • Range of subjects (mostly humanities)
  • General Education to major courses
  • Courses aligned to learning about Scottish host culture
  • UW Colleges Credit Equivalency 2014-2015

Dalkeith House and Estate

  • 300-year-old home of Buccleuch family
  • Dormitory style sleeping rooms (2-6 students per room)
  • Numerous indoor/outdoor recreation areas
  • Classrooms, study areas computer lab
  • Set on 1000 acres of country park on the eastern edge of Dalkeith


  • $8,500 for Fall Semester 2015 or Spring Semester 2016 (includes tuition, shared rooms, meals (15 per week) while school is in session at Dalkeith House, bus pass, CISI insurance and official field trips)
  • The WIS program fee for Summer 2015 is contingent upon the number of courses, or modules, you enroll in.  The breakdown is as follows:

    • 1 Module:  $1,650*
    • 2 Modules: $3,250*
    • 3 Modules: $4,500*

    *The WIS fee for summer session is subject to change and includes tuition, shared room, meals (continental breakfast every day and lunch four days per week) while school is in session, bus pass, CISI insurance and official field trips.

Application Process

To apply, please follow these steps:

  1. Please apply directly to UW-River Falls and complete their application process.
  2. Please inform the UW Colleges International Education Office that you have sent your application to the appropriate provider.

Financial Aid

If you are eligible you can request financial aid to cover expenses associated with the WIScotland program.

  1. To be eligible for financial aid, you need to remain enrolled as a UW Colleges student on your home campus. You can identify one course (1, 2, or 3-credit course ) of your choice and enroll in it for the semester during which you are going to be studying in Scotland.
  2. Because you are planning to transfer the credits you will gain from the affiliate program you will need to complete a UW Colleges Study Abroad Transfer Credit Prior Approval form. Learn more information on affiliated program credit transfer
  3. And finally, our Central Financial Aid Office will need the Consortium Agreement to process your request for financial aid.  Your home campus should certify that the Wisconsin in Scotland program credits will transfer (and this is when you will use a Transfer Credit Prior Approval form mentioned earlier), then send to the Central Financial Aid Office.

If you follow all the steps outlined above you will have everything before you leave for your program.


If you have any questions, please contact the UW Colleges International Education Office or call 608-263-9676.

For more information on the Wisconsin in Scotland program, please visit the UW-River Falls program website.