Concurrent & Dual Enrollment

Concurrent and Dual Enrollment allows high school students to take a college-level course at their own high school. Students receive college credit upon successful completion of their college-level class. The course is identical to the UW branch campus course taught at the campus.

Concurrent Enrollment   

Concurrent enrollment courses are college-level courses taught by a certified high school instructor.

Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment courses are college-level courses taught by UW branch campus faculty.  

How to Apply

  • Apply online by submitting a UW System Application (select High School Special/Early College Credit Program)
  • Submit a high school transcript to UW Colleges.
  • Submit the Early College Credit Program form to UW Colleges.
  • (If applicable), submit AP test scores and/or college transcripts if the course has a prerequisite to UW Colleges.
  • (If applicable), Wisconsin Placement testing may be required.

Send documentation to:

UW Colleges Admissions Office 
780 Regent Street
Madison, WI  53715
or Email UW Colleges Admissions Office

Application Deadlines

Summer/Fall Semester 2018
June 1 -- All application materials must be submitted by 4:30 p.m.

  • UW System Application
  • Approved Early College Credit Program form
  • High School Transcripts

Spring Semester 2019
December 1 -- All application materials must be submitted by 4:30 p.m.

  • UW System Application
  • Approved Early College Credit Program form
  • High School Transcripts

After you Apply


Students must take care of all class prerequisites either by submitting official AP scores or taking a placement test. 

  • All math and English courses have prerequisites that will require the student to take a placement test, submit AP test scores or previously completed college coursework. Prerequisites and course descriptions can be found by double-clicking the course title listed in the campus schedule of classes. Students will not be enrolled until prerequisites have been verified.
  • Placement tests can be scheduled by calling the UW Colleges Solution Center at 888-463-6892.
  • Students must check their UW Colleges email for important information before classes start and during the semester.  

Enrolling in Courses

  • For Dual and Concurrent Enrollment classes, students will be enrolled based on Class Rosters provided by the High School prior to the August/January Deadlines.
  • Students can view their schedules in their Student Center located in PRISM.
  • Schedules will be mailed to both the high school and the students.

After completion of courses

  • The UW Colleges Admission office will send grades to high school.
  • Students should request an official UW Colleges transcript if applying to another institution. 

Grades and GPA Impact

College courses taken by high school students become part of the permanent University record and may affect subsequent admission to post-secondary institutions. Please be aware that a poor grade earned in a concurrent/dual enrollment course could have a negative impact on a future admissions decision for a student.