Auditors are those who want to take a course, but do not want any academic credit for taking it. In order to audit a course, all auditors must have approval of the instructor teaching the course. Approval is usually granted unless auditors increase the classroom space requirements or costs of the institution.

Please note that Distance Education, including online courses are not eligible for audit.

Audit Fees

Audited courses are not counted in determining full-time attendance; however, audited courses are included in determining your fees. The fees for "audit only" are 30% of the regular credit rate for Wisconsin and Minnesota residents, and 50% of the non-resident rate for non-residents.

Degree-Seeking Auditor

Students combining audit credits and regular credits pay regular tuition and fees for all the credits, including those audited.

Disabled & OASDI Auditors

Wisconsin residents who are disabled and receiving federal old-age survivors and disability insurance benefits (OASDI) may audit courses without charge, under 42 USC 401 to 433, as long as their attendance does not result in additional laboratory or instructional costs.

Non-Degree Seeking Auditors

Non-degree students enrolling for courses on an audit-only basis generally pay a reduced fee.

Senior Auditors

Wisconsin residents who are 60 years of age or older, as of the first day of the semester, may audit a course without charge if this does not result in additional laboratory or instructional costs. Senior auditors, if combining audit and regular credits, pay tuition for regular credits only.