Guaranteed Transfer

The following transfer information is relevant for Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 only. 

You can begin your education as a freshman at a UW branch campus or UW Colleges Online and receive "guaranteed" admission to another UW System institution as a junior by participating in the UW Colleges Guaranteed Transfer Program. After fulfilling certain credit and grade point average requirements, you will transfer with the same rights and privileges as those who begin their education at the baccalaureate institutions. 

How to Participate

  • Begin as a new freshman at the UW branch campuses or UW Colleges Online. 
  • Submit a Declaration of Intent to Participate form at any time prior to the start of your sophomore year (30 credits) at the UW branch campuses or UW Colleges Online.
  • Complete, with a minimum grade point average of 2.0 (3.2 for UW-Madison for students admitted to UW Colleges beginning in the Spring 2017 semester, 2.8 for students admitted to UW Colleges prior to the Spring 2017 semester), the number of credits required for junior status at the 4-year institution. You have three academic years from the time of enrolling at the branch campuses or UW Colleges Online in which to complete the minimum credits required. The 4-year institution may make exceptions to the required number of credits for those majors/programs for which early transfer is recommended.
    Please note: Some transfer G.P.A.s are calculated using the formula/method of the 4-year campus.
    • UW-Madison computes the G.P.A. for transfer students in accordance with UW-Madison's grading practices. Accordingly for any UW Colleges student who repeated a course, both grades are computed in determining the UW Madison G.P.A.. Thus, the student's UW College G.P.A.could be different from the G.P.A.used by UW-Madison to determine whether the minimum GPA is met.
    • UW-Whitewater computes grade point average for transfer admission based on current UW-Whitewater grading policy. Under this policy, courses may be repeated only if the original grade is C- or lower. Additionally, courses may be repeated only one time; subsequent attempts of F grades will be averaged until the student has passed the course. Also, incomplete grades will be considered as F for purposes of determining grade point average.
  • You must apply to the intended UW 4-year institution and must meet the same criteria (e.g., GPA, course requirements, etc.) for admission to specific majors/programs as continuing students. The Guaranteed Transfer Program guarantees admission to the baccalaureate institution only and not to the specific program or major. Please note: UW-Madison has an application deadline for Transfer Contract students. For more information visit UW-Madison's transfer agreements page.

Visit MajorMania to learn about specific programs or majors at the UW Institutions.

Transfer of Classes

The guarantee of admission applies only to the institution and not to the specific program or major. Your advisor can help you in choosing courses that will best fulfill your needs for transfer.

You can get more information about transfer through the University of Wisconsin System's Transfer-Wisconsin.

Transfer-Wisconsin provides information about:

  • each UW System institution including information on admissions, financial aid, registration and housing
  • courses and academic programs and transfer guides and agreements between UW institutions
  • how courses transfer between the UW Colleges and other UW System institutions.

Transfer-Wisconsin is a useful tool for students at any time in the transfer planning process.

Transferring to 4-Year Institutions

Students will be allowed to participate in the Guaranteed Transfer Program with only one receiving institution.

Visit Transfer-Wisconsinfor more information on campus admissions information and general information about any UW Institution.