Youth Options Admissions & Enrollment

Download a printable version of the Youth Options Checklist.


  1. Apply online by submitting a UW System Application for Undergraduate Admissions to a UW Colleges campus.
  2. Submit your high school transcript to the UW Colleges Admissions Office.

UW Colleges Admissions Office 
780 Regent Street
Madison, WI  53715
or  Email UW Colleges Admissions Office

  1. Submit a DPI Program Application Form PI-8700-A to your school district for approval.  Deadlines: Fall - March; Spring - October


  1. Complete the Prerequisite Verification process.
    1. We are unable to register you for all courses that you requested until the prerequisite verification is completed. Verification must take place prior to the registration deadline. Prerequisites and course descriptions can be found online by double-clicking the course title listed in the campus schedule of classes. To verify which specific UW Colleges credit (course name) is awarded for each of the AP exams, review Advanced Standing Credit. Prerequisite requirements can be verified in the following ways:
      1. Prior enrollment and completion of prerequisite course at an institution of higher education.
      2. AP Test Scores (official)
      3. UW Placement Test
    2. What you need to do:
      1. If you have already completed the prerequisite, send the transcript (from the college) which shows course completion or your official AP Test (from College Board) results to the UW Colleges Admissions Office.
      2. If you have NOT already completed the prerequisite, call the UW Colleges Solution Center at 888-463-6892 to schedule a math, English, or foreign language Placement Test. 
      3. Return the enclosed Course Confirmation form,if you are providing a transcript or AP test scores, you may send them along in the same envelope. Please send these documents to the address below.
  2. Return your Youth Options Course Confirmation form by the deadline.  You must enroll by August 10 (fall) and January 1 (spring).
    1. Admission does not guarantee enrollment for a specific, approved course. Youth Options students enroll on a space-available basis.
    2. The UW Colleges Course Confirmation form must be completed and returned to the UW Colleges Admissions Office.
    3. UW Colleges Admissions Office will enroll students in courses. 
    4. A letter will be sent to the student to confirm enrollment.
    5. Students can view their schedules in their Student Center located in PRISM.
    6. Schedules will be mailed to both the high school and the students.
  3. Refer to our Course Schedule to view courses available to you.

After you Apply

  • Set up a UW Colleges Email.
  • Set up a PRISM account: PRISM is where a student can access the Student Center. The Student Center includes the student “To Do” list, advisor contact information and class schedule.
  • The UW Colleges Admissions Office will mail accepted Youth Options students an admit letter with a UW Colleges Course Confirmation form that MUST be returned before a student will be enrolled.
  • Students must take care of all class prerequisites either by submitting AP scores or taking a placement test. 
    • All math and English courses have prerequisites that will require the student to take a placement test, submit official AP test scores or previously completed college course work. Prerequisites and course descriptions can be found by double clicking the course title listed in the campus schedule of classes. Students will not be enrolled until prerequisites have been verified.
    • Placement tests can be scheduled by calling the UW Colleges Solution Center at 888-463-6892.
  • Students must check their UW Colleges email for important information before and during the semester.  
  • Students need to "purchase" textbooks at the campus bookstore. The cost of textbooks will be invoiced back to the high school by eFollett the bookstore vendor.
  • Students taking UW Colleges Online classes should go to the Online eFollett bookstore.

Tips for Selecting Courses 

  • Talk to your high school counselor to see which courses are appropriate.
  • Check the campus schedule of classes on the campus website. If it is not available, check the course schedule from the previous year to see what was offered that semester. Many courses are offered on a specific rotation so previous terms are a good indicator of what will be offered. For example, if you are looking to take a class the spring of 2017, you would refer to the spring 2016 course schedule.

    Textbook Information 

    • Students need to "purchase" textbooks at the campus bookstore. The cost of textbooks is invoiced back to the high school by the Online eFollett bookstore.
    • For assistance purchasing textbooks view this step-by-step guide
    • In order for your textbooks to be invoiced to your high school, please complete this form and submit it to your UW Colleges campus bookstore. 

    After completion of courses

    • The UW Colleges Admission office will send grades to high school.
    • Students should request an official UW Colleges transcript if applying to another institution.