Youth Options High School Counselor Information 

Download a printable version of the Youth Options Checklist.

  • All students must complete the UW System Application and the DPI Application Form PI-8700A form.
  • The UW Colleges Admissions Office will mail accepted Youth Options students an admit letter with a course confirmation form that must be returned before a student will be enrolled.
  • All math and English courses have prerequisites that will require the student to take a placement test, submit AP test scores or previously completed college course work. Prerequisites and course descriptions can be found by double clicking the course title listed in the campus schedule of classes. Students will not be enrolled until prerequisites have been verified.
  • Contact the UW Colleges Admissions Office if your district has multiple students that you would like enrolled in a particular section of a course.
  • Changes to the original approved courses will require a submission by the school district of a revised DPI Application Form PI-8700A to the UW Colleges Admission office.

Send documentation to: 

UW Colleges Admissions Office 
780 Regent Street
Madison, WI 53715-2635
or Email UW Colleges Admissions Office