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This website was developed specifically for UW Colleges students by prevention program staff. The site offers quality resources covering all aspects of wellness. In addition to current information, you'll also find fun and interactive opportunities. The Sexual Assault and Violence Education (SAVE) section has been newly enhanced.  Please check it out.
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During this tumultuous time...

Sometimes it can feel like the world is spinning outside our control and there seems to be more bad than good when we watch the news.  Given the political state of the US currently, there seems to be even more of a need to remind ourselves that we need to stay grounded in who we are and what we believe, while also being engaged in action and being optimistic about our future.  To that end, take a moment to watch this short video from Denmark entitled All That We Share.  

Do YOU Refuse to Abuse?

Join with other students, faculty and staff in the UW Colleges who "Refuse to Abuse" prescription drugs by signing this pledge form.

If you have prescription medications that you are no longer using, help keep them out of the hands of potential abusers. Take them to an authorized prescription drug drop box. Find the location nearest to you on our Drug Drop-off sites page.

The WI Department of Justice has even taken on the issue of preventing prescription drug abuse with it's Dose of Reality Campaign.