A Wellness Resource

for UW Colleges students


According to a February 2015, UW Colleges survey, 31% of female students and 27% of male students reported they have never used alcohol.  For those students who reported drinking, 63% of females and 41% of males had 4 drinks or fewer the last time they partied or socialized.

Even though the majority of UWC students drink responsibly or not at all, there are still some students who engage in high-risk drinking. 19% of females and 31% of males reported having 5 or more drinks in a sitting in the past two weeks. High-risk drinkers are significantly more likely to experience negative consequences as a result of their choice to drink excessively.

Did You Know?

  • College students with D/F averages consume 6.4 drinks more per week than students with A averages.
  • 40% of all academic problems are related to student drinking.
  • In a recent National College Alcohol Survey, between 20-27% of students who did not finish college (drop out or expelled), didn't finish because of their drinking.