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Gambling/Internet Addiction

As a society, we are spending more and more of our time online. This has lead to an increase in the number of people who acknowledge that being online has "taken over" their lives. Many admit that the choices they make about what they are doing and how much time and/or money they are spending online has become a problem. While online resources and activities are increasing exponentially, we only have a limited amount of time and energy. Living a healthy lifestyle is about finding balance. It's best to utilize online opportunities to enhance and improve our lives offline. When what we do online negatively impacts our lives offline, it's likely a problem.

Gambling Addiction

Internet Addictions

  • Internet Addictions can be just as problematic as any other type of addiction. Whether involved in online pornography, gambling or gaming, help is available. 
  • Video game addiction is a very real issue. This website covers diverse aspects of video game addiction. Information includes everything from symptoms for different age groups to personal stories from former addicts.
  • Cybersex and internet addiction signs, symptoms and treatment information is available. Self-help tips as well as helping others are included in this site.