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for parentsParenting is the toughest, most rewarding privilege we get to experience in our lifetimes. Whether you're a parent of college student, or a student yourself in the midst of parenting teens or college students, this page is for you. As parents, we all struggle with whether or not we've said or done the "right thing". While we don't offer all the answers here, we hope you'll find some helpful information a few of your questions.

The Illinois Higher Education Center has put together an excellent pamphlet for parents of newer college students. It discusses the stages both paents and students may experience. A great deal of information about the possible pitfals of college and how to avoid those...including questions that parents should continue to ask even after their children move to campus is included. Alcohol and other drug risk information is also a part of this resource.

The State of Maryland has developed an entire website for parents of college students in order to reduce the harms associated with excessive drinking. Check out College Parents Matter.

Helpful Articles:
How to Look After Your College Student's Health from U.S. News & World Report, September 12, 2016
How Can I Help My New College Student Manage Stress? from The Inquirer Daily News, September 12, 2016

A Local Resource:
The Parent Addiction Network of Dane County is an excellent resource and opportunity to connect with other parents. 

Partnership for a Drug-Free America has a website to Increase Parent Awareness of Adolescent Brain Development

The Partnership for a Drug-Free America offers a Website, "A Parent's Guide to the Teen Brain," designed to help parents and other caregivers understand brain maturation during adolescence. The interactive site presents current research findings on the relationship between brain development and teenagers' normal attitudes, behaviors, and personality.

Consequences of Excessive Drinking: College Task Force report to National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)

According to research summarized in a College Task Force report to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), the consequences of excessive drinking by college students are more significant, more destructive, and more costly than many parents realize. And these consequences affect students whether or not they drink. Visit College Drinking Prevention to learn more.

Think your teen may be "experimenting" with drugs?

If you are concerned that your son or daughter may be using drugs or alcoho,l it is better to find out the truth now than wait until the problem is out of control. For tips on starting a conversation with your teen, suggestions for things to tell your son or daughter, and a chance to hear what other parents are saying, check out the Action Guide for Parents

For more information on this topic, download the brochure, "Suspect You Teen is Using Drugs or Drinking? -- A Brief Guide to Action for Parents" (PDF).

Parental concerns about student suicide are very real.

People Prevent Suicide has great resources for parents.

Going to College: What Families Need to Know About Sexual Assault and Safety on Campus

National Sexual Violence Resource Center Tip Sheet