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Sexual Assault & Violence Education (SAVE)

The University of Wisconsin Colleges is committed to reducing sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking and harassment.  Acts of this nature will not be tolerated on campus and will be addressed swiftly.  If you believe you may have been a victim of violence, or are feeling threatened, please contact a campus professional immediately. We want to help you and ensure that your needs are met. 

CONSENT consent button

In any healthy intimate relationship, communication, trust and respect are necessary.  Consent is not only given, it’s received.  If a person does not receive consent, (s)he may be perpetrating a crime.  When it comes to consent remember these key points:

  • Consent must be given/received every time.  Consent for past encounters is not automatic consent for present or future encounters.

  • When consent is mutual, it enhances the relationship.

  • Consent can NOT be given when a person is impaired by alcohol or other drugs.

  • Consent can only be given freely.  If it’s coerced, it’s not consent. Sex without consent is rape.

Find out more about consent at loveisrespect.org.  Find additional important information in the Dating Basics tab.

With as much attention garnered from cases of sexual assault, attention to prevention efforts is equally as important. MTV’s Laci Green has been successful in her feminist campaign with “Braless” a video series covering issues that range from male privilege to gender stereotypes. “If Frats Were Feminist” is a short episode that paints positive images of addressing toxic masculinity, promoting affirmative consent, body positivity, and highlighting best responses for bystanders all in a four-minute hazing sequence. 

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a growing problem in Wisconsin.  Young adults, teens and even children are being recruited every day, often without their understanding of what they are getting involved in.  Recruiters establish false relationships with potential victims to build trust and then use manipulation and coercion to take advantage of them.  For more information on human trafficking, contact the National Human Trafficking Hotline. You can get help, report a tip, and receive services.  1-888-373-7888.