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Stalking and Bullying


Stalking is repeated harassment or threatening behavior toward another person. Stalking behaviors also may include persistent patterns of leaving or sending the victim unwanted items or presents, from the seemingly romantic to the bizarre, following or lying in wait for the victim, damaging or threatening to damage the victim's property, defaming the victim's character, or harassing the victim via the Internet by posting personal information or spreading rumors. Learn more about stalking, the laws that protect victims, and what do do if you're being stalked with our "Stalking FAQs".

  • Stalking Resource Center
    The Resource Center is program from the National Center for Victims of Crime and offers help for victims as well as information on creating a stalker incident and behavior log.


  • Victim Support Services has helpful information for those who may be experiencing hate/bias or who want to learn more.  
  • The Human Rights Campaign is an advocacy group and offers suggestions on what to do if you are a victim of a hate crime.  If you are a UW Colleges student or employee, you are encouraged to report incidents to a campus administrator.

Resources on Bullying   text bullying

Resources on Stalking

  • The Stalking Resource Center is a program of The National Center For Victims of Crime, this site is focused on educating and preventing stalking.  There are several resources including information about the National Stalking Awareness Month (January).
  • Types of Stalkers:  There are many different stalker profiles.  This University of Michigan website contains some general categories that stalkers may fit into.