Carey Woodward

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Carey Woodward

Associate Professor
UW-Fond du Lac

Science Building, Room 117A
(920) 929-1158
Office Hours / Schedule 

Fall 2016 Office Hours

1:30-2:45 Mondays

11:00-12:15 Wednesdays

11:00-12:40 Fridays



Professor Woodward joined the UW-Fond du Lac faculty in the fall of 2006. He became chair of the CSEPA (Computer Science, Engineering, Physics, and Astronomy) department in 2015.  His previous college teaching experiences include full-time positions at UW-Fox Valley and Edgewood College, and part-time/summer classes at MATC, UW-Madison, UW-Marathon County, UW-Washington County and UW-Waukesha County. He has also taught at the Ulysses S. Grant Foundation at Yale University (a summer high school program for gifted & talented inner city high school students) and the Physics Learning Program at UW-Madison (a tutorial program for at-risk students in introductory physics).

In collaboration with the space physics group at UW-Madison, he has done computer-based research on the modeling of geocoronal Balmer-α emission and its implication for monitoring global climate change. He also collaborates with scientists at several institutions to observe and model Jupiter's moon Io and the Io plasma torus. He has published a number of papers, including one in Science, and has spent many long nights at the telescopes of Kitt Peak in Arizona.

His personal interests include Morris dancing, homebrewing, geocaching, singing and running. He has run nine marathons (including the Boston Marathon, the year of the bombing), about twenty half marathons, and numerous shorter races.

Curriculum Vitae 

Nossal, S.M., E.J. Mierkiewicz, F.L. Roesler, L.M. Haffner, R.J. Reynolds, and R.C. Woodward. Geocoronal hydrogen observations spanning three solar minima. J. Geophys. Res., 113, A11307, 2008.

Oliversen, R.J., F. Scherb, W.H. Smith, M.E. Freed, R.C. Woodward, Jr., M.L. Marconi, K.D. Retherford, O.L. Lupie, and J.P. Morgenthaler. Sunlit Io atmospheric [OI] 6300Å emission and plasma torus. J. Geophys. Res., 106, 26183-26193, 2001.

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Roesler, F. L., H. W. Moos, R. J. Oliversen, R. C. Woodward, Jr., K. D. Retherford, et al. Far Ultraviolet Imaging Spectroscopy of Io's Atmosphere with HST/STIS. Science, 283, 353-357, 1999.

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Ph.D. (Physics) 1992 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison
B.S. (Physics) 1984 from Yale University