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Daniel Zamzow

UW-Rock County
Biological Sciences
(608) 758-6565 x758

I am a Neuroscientist by trade and I study the effects of aging on memory in mice.  One of the assays that we use to study memory in mice is called the Morris water maze. A link to a Morris water maze experiment is shown below. 


Higher Levels of Phosphorylated Y1472 on GluN2B Subunits in the Frontal Cortex of Aged Mice are Associated with Good Spatial Reference Memory, but not Cognitive Flexibility. Zamzow DR, Elias V, Acosta VA, Escobedo E, Magnusson KR. Age (Dordr).38(3):50, 2016 June.

 Structure and Function from Cells to Organisms. Lab manual for BI212: Principles of Biology. Kayes LJ, Tivey T, Hambalek N, Buck J, Rose J, Zamzow D, Bonner K. (2016). Oregon State University. Hayden-McNeil publishing. Plymouth, MI.

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 An Increase in the Association of GluN2B Containing NMDA Receptors with Membrane Scaffolding Proteins was Related to Memory Declines during Aging. Zamzow DR, Elias V, Shumaker M, Larson C, Magnusson KR. J Neurosci 33(30): 12300-5, 2013 July.

Reducing Expression of Glun10XX Subunit Splice Variants of the NMDA Receptor Interferes with Spatial Reference Memory. Das SR, Jensen R, Kelsay R, Shumaker M, Bochart R, Brim B, Zamzow D, Magnusson KR. Behav Brain Res 230 (2): 317-24, 2012 May.

 Transplantation of BDNF Secreting Mesenchymal Stem Cells Provides Neuroprotection in Chronic Hypertensive Rat Eyes. Harper MM, Grozdanic SD, Blits B, Kuehn MH, Zamzow D, Buss JE, Kardon RH, Sakaguchi DS. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 52(7): 4506-15, 2011 June.


2014     Ph. D. in Molecular and Cell Biology, Oregon State University

2006     M.S. in Biochemistry, Iowa State University

2003     B.S. in Chemistry, UW Milwaukee