Dave Carlson

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Dave Carlson

Senior Lecturer; LSC/Tutorial Services Coordinator
UW-Rock County
Student Affairs

Andrews 02

(608) 758-6565 x495
Office Hours / Schedule 

Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Hi.  My name’s Dave, and I love UW-Rock County so much I work three jobs here.  All right, not three full-time jobs, but three fulfilling jobs that each give me a chance to help students in different ways.  I am an advisor, I am a philosophy instructor, and I am the coordinator of tutoring services on campus.  As an advisor, I work with students in the TRIO program, helping them plan their academic careers and deal with obstacles they might face—academic, financial or otherwise.  As a philosophy instructor, I occasionally teach an extra section of ethics, philosophy of religion or technology and values.  As coordinator of UW-Rock’s Learning Support Center, I hire and supervise peer tutors, and work closely with instructors in many departments to support the central mission of this campus, which is to provide students with a solid educational foundation on which to build a good life.


M.A., A.B.D., Philosophy, UW-Madison