Kristi Wilkum

Kristi Wilkum

Associate Professor
UW-Fond du Lac
Communications-Theatre Arts

Classroom Building, Room 217
(920) 929-1187

Professor Wilkum is interested in teaching and conducting research on human interaction, particularly episodes of support. Kristi has taught a broad range of courses in her nearly 15 years in higher education. She is dedicated to engaging students in the application of theory through observation, service to others, and reflection. She joined the UW-Fond du Lac faculty in 2011.

Professor Wilkum's primary research interest is in the role family and interpersonal relationships play in helping an individual cope with a long-term, disruptive loss. More specifically her research attempts to identify the message, individual and situational characteristics that produce effective forms of support. Kristi's primary lines of research have focused on the role of religion in comforting messages and support after miscarriage, but she has also done work on reunion within deployed military families and uses of technology in the classroom.

Kristi lives in Fond du Lac with her husband, son and springer spaniel.


B.A., St. Cloud State University
M.A., UW-Milwaukee
Ph.D., Purdue University