Renee Richer

Renee Richer

Assistant Professor
Biological Sciences

750 West Bay Shore Street
Marinette, WI 54143-4253
(715) 735-4300 x4326
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Office Hours

Monday, Wednesday 10 -11


Bio 180, lecture MWF 11-11:50


Dr. Renee Richer joined UW-Marinette in August 2014 from Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar where she taught general biology as associate professor for 8 years. Dr. Richer received her BA in biology from the University of Chicago and her PhD in biology from Harvard University in 2004. Prior to her work in Qatar, Dr. Richer was Director of the Environmental Conservation and Research Center of the American University of Armenia. There she taught environmental science and ecological economics. Her work with bird life in Armenia was recognized by the Whitley Award, the UK's largest conservation award. Her current work focuses on the intersection of biological processes, conservation and sustainable development.

Curriculum Vitae 


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University of Chicago 1994 BA with Honors

Harvard University 2004 PhD in biological sciences