Liberal Arts Education

The University of Wisconsin Colleges excels in providing its students with a liberal arts general education, the foundation of the bachelor's degree, and, in offering the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree on six UW Colleges campuses, expands baccalaureate opportunities for place-bound and working adults.

The Associate of Arts and Science degree represents the institution’s steadfast commitment to instruction in natural sciences and mathematics, social sciences, fine arts and humanities. The Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree prepares students to apply theoretical knowledge, higher order intellectual skills, and practical experience to achieve solutions to complex problems encountered in contemporary workplace and community settings. Offering each of these degrees involves an equally strong commitment to preparing students for lifelong learning, leadership, service and responsible citizenship.

As students pursue the UW Colleges Associate of Arts and Science degree, they learn how to think critically, communicate effectively, solve quantitative and mathematical problems, apply intercultural skills, and reflect on works of creative expression. In this way, UW Colleges students gain a sound liberal arts general education that will serve them well as they transfer to pursue bachelor's degrees and prepare for leadership in their chosen profession.

As students pursue the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree, they achieve skill-based competencies in integrative learning, knowledge of human cultures and the natural world, and practical and cognitive skills.

A liberal arts general education is not simply a set of requirements or a curriculum; rather it is an institutional commitment supported and advanced by the faculty, students, staff and administrators. Through its dedication to liberal arts general education, the UW Colleges seeks to develop well-rounded, knowledgeable, lifelong learners and contributing citizens.