Associate Degree with Writing Emphasis

12 credits

Offered at: UW-Baraboo/Sauk County, UW-Barron County, UW-Fox Valley, UW-Manitowoc, UW-Marathon County, UW-Richland, UW-Rock County, UW-Sheboygan, UW-Washington County and UW-Waukesha

Students seeking an Associate of Arts and Science Degree (AAS) with an emphasis must successfully complete the AAS requirements and the specific emphasis requirements.

Course# Course Credits
Required Courses - Student/Advisor choice, 12 credits
ENG 201 Intermediate Composition 3
ENG 202 Writing about Literature 3
ENG 203 Creative Writing I 3
ENG 204 Creative Writing II 3
ENG 205 Literary Magazines 3
ENG 206 Technical Writing 3
ENG/BUS 210 Business Communication 3
ENG 291 Writing Tutor Seminar 1-3
COM 203 News and Informational Writing 3


For complete details on an Associate Degree with Emphasis, please contact your campus Solution Center/Student Affairs Office.

Approved 06/11/2014; Effective Fall 2014