AAS Exemptions

Exemption from ENG 102

Students with qualifying placement test scores may apply for exemption from English 102: Critical Writing, Reading, and Research by submitting a portfolio of writing to demonstrate that they have achieved the learning outcomes (or goals) of the UW Colleges first-year writing program. To qualify, a student must receive a score of 605 or higher on the Wisconsin English Placement Test and 605 or higher on the reading subscore.

A student seeking an English 102 exemption must complete a formal portfolio that includes:

a) a self-assessment cover letter

b) a questionnaire about prior learning experiences

c) a timed essay

d) a selection of at least twenty pages of formal writing completed for previously taken high school or college courses, including one argumentative research essay that uses academic secondary sources.

Students must seek exemption before completing 30 UW Colleges credits. Students who transfer with 30 or more credits must complete the exemption process before the end of their first UW Colleges semester. Portfolios must be submitted to the UW Colleges Writing Program Coordinator before the end of the semester when they will complete the maximum 30 credits. Portfolios are due no later than November 1 for the fall semester or April 1 for the spring semester. For more information, contact Cassandra Phillips at cassandra.phillips@uwc.edu.

Exemption from Mathematics Core Requirement

A student is exempt from the Mathematics Core Requirement by obtaining a grade of C or better in either MAT 124, or both MAT 110 and MAT 113, or any Mathematics course of three or more credits for which MAT 110 is a prerequisite, or placing into a 200-level course on the Mathematics placement examination.