American Indian Studies Certificate

The American Indian Studies program is interdisciplinary, exploring a plethora of issues surrounding American Indians past and present. It is particularly concerned with increasing the level of knowledge and consciousness of Wisconsin Indian history, culture, and tribal sovereignty, as required by the Wisconsin Legislature's 1989 Act 31.

A certificate in American Indian Studies provides a student the opportunity to explore in depth the history, culture, and sovereignty of Wisconsin and American Indians. It will prepare future teachers to meet the requirements of Act 31 as well as those who wish to pursue a minor or major in American Indian Studies or Ethnic Studies at other UW institutions.


To qualify for an AIS certificate, a student completes 15 credits from the list of AIS-related courses identified below, passing each with a C or better. Up to three credits can be transferred from institutions outside the UW Colleges.

Course Categories

AIS Course – a course with a substantive amount of AIS content.
AIS 101 – required (3 credits)
Two AIS cross-listed courses (6 credits)

General – a course that is designated ES with at least 20% AIS content.
2 courses that are ES with at least 20% AIS content (6 credits)

Total Credits – 15 credits


ANT 104 — Cultural Anthropology — General
ANT 260 — American Indian Art — AIS
ANT/AIS 302 — Archaeology of Wisconsin — AIS
ANT/AIS 308 — Archaeology of North America — AIS
ANT/AIS 314 — Indians of North America — AIS
ANT/AIS 353 — Indians of the Western Great Lakes — AIS


ART 175 — Worlds of Art — General


BUS/AIS 227 — Multicultural Business — AIS

Communication Arts

COM 210 — Introduction to Intercultural Communication — General


EDU 220 — Education in a Pluralistic Society — General


ENG/AIS 242 — The American Indian in Literature and Film — AIS
ENG 278 — Multicultural Literature in America — General


GEO 102 — Roots and Diversity — General


HIS 211 — History of the American Frontier — General
HIS 262 — The Sources of Racist Thinking in Western Civilization and its Impact on the World of the Americas — General
HIS 277 — Indians in American History — AIS
HIS 278 — History of Minorities in America — General


PHI/REL 203 — American Indian Philosophies — General
PHI 259 — Philosophy and Racism — General

Political Science

POL 235 — Politics of Minorities — General


PSY 270 — Psychological Approaches to Minority Issues — General


SOC 234 — Sociology of Race and Ethnicity — General