Art Certificate

In an increasingly visual world, barraged with images from a variety of sources, the art certificate provides students with a guide for critically analyzing images, creating informed judgments of image effectiveness, and making relevant and effective works. The art certificate will provide students with a foundation of experiences that are performance-based (manipulating the physical world) and conceptual (building awareness of global and historical forms of visual art) and will lead students toward an understanding of how to read, manipulate, and assess visual language. The art certificate will also aid those students who plan to specialize in visual arts and obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio, Bachelor of Fine Arts with teaching certification or a Bachelor of Arts. The foundation that this certificate offers will effectively transfer to University of Wisconsin four-year institutions and will better provide students with enough credits to concentrate on their specific studio/professional concentration —i.e. art education, ceramics, jewelry and metalsmithing, drawing and painting, digital studio practice, fibers, graphic design, photography, printmaking, sculpture, glass, intermedia and multimedia art— when they transfer.


The Art Certificate requires a minimum of 15 credits. In each course that is applied toward the certificate a student must earn a grade of C or better.


Core courses (9 credits)

  • ART 101 Introduction to Drawing *
  • ART 111 Two-Dimensional Design *
  • ART 112 Three-Dimensional Design *

*These courses are offered on all of the UW Colleges campuses.

Elective courses in either Studio and/or Art History/Survey (6 credits)

  • Studio courses:
    • ART 102 Intermediate Drawing
    • ART 103 Drawing II
    • ART 121 Introduction to Painting
    • ART 125 Oil Painting
    • ART 225 Intermediate Oil Painting
    • ART 122 Watercolor
    • ART 222 Intermediate Watercolor
    • ART 131 Introduction to Sculpture
    • ART 231 Intermediate Sculpture
    • ART 232 Sculpture II
    • ART 141 Introduction to Printmaking
    • ART 241 Lithography
    • ART 243 Intaglio
    • ART 245 Serigraphy
    • ART 247 Relief Printing
    • ART 154 Introduction to Ceramics
    • ART 254 Intermediate Ceramics
    • ART 255 Ceramics II
    • ART 161 Introduction to Photography
    • ART 261 Intermediate Photography
    • ART 201 Introduction to Life Drawing
    • ART 202 Intermediate Life Drawing
    • ART 211 Two-Dimensional Design II
    • ART 212 Three-Dimensional Design II
    • ART 216 Digital Imaging and Design
    • ART 235 Glass Form and Design
    • ART 236 Intermediate Glass Form and Design
  • Art History/Survey courses:
    • ART 175 Worlds of Art –Images/Objects/Ideas
    • ART 181 Survey: Ancient and Medieval Art **
    • ART 183 Survey: Renaissance - Modern Art **
    • ART 185 Survey: Renaissance Art
    • ART 187 Survey: Modern Art
  • ART 188 Survey: Architecture and Design
  • ART 290 Women in the Arts (also WOM 295) **

**These courses are also offered through UW Colleges Online