Business Certificate

The Certificate in Business program presents an exciting opportunity for Wisconsin college students to deepen their understanding of the world of business in the modern political, social and economic environment.

The program introduces freshman/sophomore college students to business theory and practice. Students take a diverse set of courses which help students to broaden their perspectives, and gain a good awareness and comprehension of the business world.

Students may use the Certificate in Business program to:

  • Bundle their electives effectively and beneficially within the Associate of Arts and Science degree.
  • Lead to a specialization or support a business major as they pursue a bachelor's degree.
  • Highlight on their resume of educational achievements.

Required Courses (26 credits)

  • BUS 101 or BUS 110 or BUS 21O (3 cr.)
  • BUS 201 (4 cr.)
  • BUS 202 or BUS 204 (3 cr.)
  • BUS 230 (highly recommended for Business majors) or CPS 106, CPS 107 AND CPS 108 (3 cr.)
  • ECO 203 (3 cr.)
  • ECO 204 (3 cr.)
  • ECO 243 (highly recommended for Business majors) or MAT 117 (3 cr.)
  • MAT 210 or MAT 211 (or higher) (4 cr.)

A minimum grade of "C" or better is required for all credit courses. Up to three credits can be transferred into the certificate program from institutions outside the UW Colleges. The Department also reserves the right to revisit the list of required courses periodically.