Environmental Studies Certificate

The Environmental Studies Certificate provides an interdisciplinary approach to the study of environmental issues, encompassing aspects of biological and physical science, natural resources, philosophy, and economics.

The program requires completion of 20 credits in the courses listed below. A maximum of three credits can be transferred into the certificate program from institutions outside the UW Colleges.

A minimum 2.0 grade point average is required.

  • BIO 201 Principles of Ecology
  • GEO 120 Introduction to Physical Geography or GEO 125 Physical Geography* or GLG 169 Environmental Geogrophy or GEO 130 Human Impact on Environment
  • PHI 244 Environmental Ethics
  • SOC 355 Sociology of the Environment
  • ECO 342 Environmental Economics
  • BIO 190 Introduction to Environmental Science or BIO 190 Environmental Science or GEO 350 Environmental Conservation

Please note:
* GEO 123 Physical Geography: Weather and Climate and GEO 124 Physical Geography: Landforms may be used in place of GEO 125