International Studies Certificate

The International Studies Certificate program in the UW Colleges is an introduction for freshman/sophomore college students to global studies concentrated on the 20th and 21st centuries. Completion of a diverse set of courses with a global focus will encourage students to broaden their perspectives and develop an appreciation and awareness of the global community. These courses may provide a focus for students’ electives within the Associate of Arts and Science Degree, or they may serve as a base relevant to a variety of majors or fields of study incorporating an international component.


Completion of the International Studies Certificate requires 15 college credits, including:
Three to four credits in World Languages courses taught in a language other than English, and Remaining credits come from the three categories listed below, with at least one three-credit course from each of the three categories.

*Attribution for these courses to category I or III is dependent upon course topic in a given semester and must be approved in writing by the World Languages Department.


The student must receive a grade of C or better in all courses applied toward the certificate. Up to three credits from another institution may be transferred to UW Colleges for inclusion in the certificate.

History and Culture

  • ANT 100, 104, 204, 250
  • GEO 101, 110
  • HIS 106, 120, 127, 162, 213
  • SOC 270
  • WOM 250
  • FRE 277*, 291*
  • GER 277*, 291*
  • SPA 235, 236, 247, 277*, 291*

Politics and Economics

  • ANT 348
  • ECO 203
  • POL 160, 175
  • BUS 244
  • SOC 205
  • SPA 219

Literature, Philosophy, Art, and Music

  • ENG 269, 273, 275
  • PHI 201
  • ART 175, 188
  • MUS 295
  • FRE 276, 277*, 291*
  • GER 276, 277*, 291*
  • SPA 221, 222, 247, 277*, 291*

The required courses are intended to give the student an increased knowledge of the world’s cultures (beyond the United States) as well as an awareness of relevant international structures and significant global issues.

Study Abroad

Students working toward the International Studies Certificate are encouraged to participate in a study abroad program as part of their undergraduate education. Upon approval, credits earned through a study abroad program may be used to fulfill credits in the required fields (History and Culture; Politics and Economics; Literature, Philosophy, Art and Music; World Languages).

Approved 06/11/2014; Effective 2014