Academic Integrity and Misconduct

Academic Integrity is an expectation of each UW Colleges student. Our campus community members are responsible for fostering and upholding an environment in which student learning is fair, just and honest. Through your studies as a UW Colleges student, it is essential to exhibit the highest level of personal honesty and respect for the intellectual property of others. Academic misconduct is unacceptable. It compromises and disrespects the integrity of our university and those who study here. To maintain academic integrity, a student must only claim work which is the authentic work solely of their own, providing correct citations and credit to others as needed. Cheating, fabrication, plagiarism, unauthorized collaboration and/or helping others commit these acts are examples of academic misconduct, which can result in disciplinary action. Failure to understand what constitutes academic misconduct does not exempt responsibility from engaging in it.

For more information, please read Institutional Policy 412 and University of Wisconsin System Administrative Code Chapter 14