Registration & Enrollment

Registration is the process of enrolling in courses each semester. Once you have applied and been accepted to a UW Colleges campus there are still a couple of steps you must take before you can register. 

  1. Confirm your intent to enroll at your chosen campus.
  2. Register to participate in an on-campus registration program. Please note: all UW Colleges campuses require that the Terms and Conditions (TAC) be signed prior to enrolling in courses.
  3. Meet with an advisor to determine the classes you will take for your first semester.

Registration Hold Policy

If you have an outstanding obligation to the University of Wisconsin Colleges (e.g., you owe a fine, tuition, materials, or financial aid), a hold may be placed on your educational records. Holds may also be placed if you fail to provide documentation (e.g., official transcripts, test results, etc.) to complete your academic record.

The hold may prohibit you from registering in the future and you will not be able to request or receive an official transcript of your academic record.  Contact your Solution Center if you have questions about the hold on your account.

Concurrent Registration

Concurrent enrollment courses are college-level courses taught by a certified high school instructor. Concurrent Enrollment allows high school students to take a college-level course at their own high school. Students receive college credit upon successful completion of their college-level class. The course is identical to the University of Wisconsin Colleges course taught on our campus.

Adding/Dropping Courses

You may add a course or courses online at any time up until the first day of classes via the "add a class" or "drop a class" function in PRISM

Some campuses will allow students to add or drop classes online through the first 2 weeks of classes of a semester-long course, the first week of an eight-week course or during a proportionate time for shorter classes. Contact your Solution Center if you are not able to add or drop a course in PRISM.  All adds must occur by the deadline dates. Exceptions to the time limit are made only with the written consent of the instructor.

If a course is dropped after the second week of classes for a semester course or after the end of the first week of courses less than 12 weeks in length, a grade of "W" or "withdrawal" will be recorded on the student's official record.

UW Colleges may establish procedures for administratively dropping students who do not attend 1 or more of the first class sessions in a semester. The number of class sessions missed before the implementation of an administrative drop is at the discretion of the campus. UW Colleges campuses choosing to implement this administrative drop policy must provide students with adequate notice of the policy.

Late Registration

You may register late, observing the same regulations as for adding courses. Late registration is subject to any late registration charge in effect under Regent policy.


Withdrawal means ending your registration in all courses for the semester. Non-attendance does not constitute official withdrawal.

Students may completely and officially withdraw from school through the online PRISMsystem (preferred) or by completing the Withdrawal form during the first ten weeks of a semester or the first five weeks of an eight week session or the proportionate time ofr shorter sessions.

Students who do not submit the Withdrawal form within the established deadline may receive grades of F in all courses for with they are registered.

Refund of student tuition is governed by the Regent Fee Schedule which is issued on an annual basis. The date upon which a student returns the completed Withdrawal form to the appropriate campus office is the date used to determine any applicable refund of tuition.


Resident Status for Tuition

Regulations determining residency status for University of Wisconsin admission and tuition are in the Wisconsin Statutes. Students are classified as a resident or non-resident when they are admitted to the University of Wisconsin System.

Students who do not qualify as a Wisconsin resident must pay non-resident tuition in addition to student fees. Residency regulations for tuition purposes differ from those established for voting or paying taxes.

Minnesota residents may qualify for Minnesota's resident tuition by applying to the:

Minnesota Higher Education Services Office  
1450 Energy Park Drive
Suite 350
St. Paul, MN 55108-5227
(651) 642-0567 or 1-800-657-3866

Students who have been residents of Menominee County, Michigan, for at least one year prior to their enrollment date may enroll at University of Wisconsin-Marinette County as Michigan-Wisconsin compact students. This compact agreement permits students to pay the resident tuition rate at University of Wisconsin-Marinette County only.

Students who are classified as a non-resident for tuition purposes and believe their classification is incorrect should contact the campus Student Affairs Office.

Enrollment & Degree Verification

Enrollment or degree verification requests from both employers, credit card companies, insurance companies or other agencies must be obtained from the National Student Clearinghouse.

In conjunction with The National Student Clearinghouse, the University of Wisconsin Colleges provides currently enrolled students the ability to verify enrollment information that is on file with the Clearinghouse. The National Student Clearinghouse notifies lenders of the enrollment status of students in order to apply loan deferments and repayment schedules correctly. The information is provided to the Clearinghouse by participating colleges and universities. Self-Service enrollment verification is available through PRISM. Select Self-Service > Student Center > Enrollment Verification.


An official UW Colleges transcript is a complete record of a student's enrollment at any of the 14 UW Colleges campuses. The student's record is confidential and is not released from UW Colleges except by authorization from the student.

Records of enrollment at more than one UW Colleges campus are combined on 1 transcript. It is not necessary or suggested to request a transcript to be sent to another UW Colleges campus. For example, you do not need to order your UW-Fox Valley transcript to be sent to UW Online.

Transcripts ordered as “send immediately” without final grades or degree posted that were not requested as “hold for grades” or “hold for degree” will require a new order (and payment) if the receiving party requires a transcript with final grades or a degree posted.