Student Resources

All students in the University of Wisconsin Colleges are governed and protected by federal, state and local laws, and by UW System and UW Colleges policies and procedures.

The Wisconsin Administrative Code acknowledges the need to preserve the orderly processes of the UW Colleges with regard to its teaching and public service missions, as well as the need to observe every student's procedural and substantive rights. Such laws, policies and regulations include Chapter UWS 14 Student Academic Disciplinary Procedures, Chapter UWS 17 Student Nonacademic Disciplinary Procedures and Chapter UWS 18 Conduct on University Lands.

Students are also protected by such provisions as Wisconsin Statute Section 36.12, which prohibits discrimination against students, and Chapter UWS 22, which mandates accommodation of students' religious beliefs. A student's right to a positive learning environment is protected by the UW Colleges Code of Conduct, the Consensual Relations Statement, and the Sexual Harassment Policy.

Information about these various rights and responsibilities is distributed to all new students at the time of orientation and to continuing students in a manner determined by each UW Colleges campus.

Student Rights & Responsibilities Handbook

As a University of Wisconsin Colleges student, you have certain rights and responsibilities respecting your relationship with your fellow students and the university. The rules, regulations and policies you will find in this booklet are intended to foster an environment of mutual respect for you and your fellow students and to enhance the educational environment of your campus. Here you will find information about federal and state laws, UW System and UW Colleges regulations, policies and procedures that pertain to you and your life on campus.

To view and/or download the Student Handbook, please visit the Student Handbook and Policies page on the main UW Colleges website.