Dr. Gralewicz to Lead Project to Develop Infrastructure for an Undergraduate Research Program for Online & Distance Education

April 8, 2015

Dr. Renee Gralewicz, Associate Professor of Anthropology & Sociology at UW-Fox Valley, has been chosen to lead the project to develop infrastructure for undergraduate research for online and distance education students.

The specific goals for this project are: 

  1. Identify barriers to completing undergraduate research
  2. Research best practices for undergraduate research in an online environment
  3. Develop the infrastructure to launch an undergraduate initiative
  4. Pilot an undergraduate research project
  5. Develop a plan for the launch of a program over the next three years with resources identified
  6. Hold a meeting for faculty and staff to discuss a long term initiative

Dr. Gralewicz's responsibilities will include supervising one limited project with an online student, and generating a report discussing unique needs in the Online environment.  In addition, she will host a meeting of interested faculty and UW Colleges Online staff to discuss a launch of a wider initiative. In addition, Dr. Gralewicz will be attending a meeting of the Council on Undergraduate Research at the University of Oklahoma-Norman in June.