Stephan Scholz starts at UW-Washington County in Fall 2013

August 13, 2013
Stephan Scholz

Please welcome our new hire, Stephan Scholz, who starts at the UW-Washington County campus this fall. He comes to us from Inver Hills Community College in the Twin Cities where he has been teaching for the past four years while completing his Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Arizona. His dissertation (Globalization and Carbon Dioxide Emission Trajectories in Developing Countries, 1980-2006) combines theories and methods from environmental sociology, world-systems theory, world-society theory, social network analysis and qualitative comparative analysis. It demonstrates that global civil society does not generate sustainable development when poor countries are subjected to heavy foreign direct investment or IMF structural adjustment programs. In the future Stephan hopes to conduct further research on global and local level environmental issues and inequalities.

Stephan will teach Introduction to Sociology (SOC 101), Crime and Criminal Justice (SOC 231), People, Organizations and Society (SOC 250), and other UWC courses, both at the UW-Washington County campus and online. He has previously taught a variety of courses including Deviant Behaviour, Social Inequalities, Family and Society, Social Networks, and World Population. He is looking forward to improving his pedagogy within the UW Colleges system and has been impressed with the warm welcome from faculty, staff and students. In his free time he can undoubtedly be found purchasing fresh veggies at the West Bend farmer’s market, paddle boarding Lake Michigan with his partner Carie and attempting to keep their cat, Karim, from wreaking havoc on the local bird population.