Bachelor Degree

Organizational Administration

Students can complete a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies at many UW Colleges campuses with an emphasis in Organizational Administration. The degree is being offered by a neighboring 4-year UW-campus.

Classes are taught in the evenings, in fall, spring and summer, and will be offered both in person and via distance education.

Degree Program

The degree offered through this collaborative effort is a Bachelor of Liberal Studies Degree with an emphasis in Organizational Administration. The degree combines course work in:

  • business and economics
  • communications
  • international studies
  • industrial and organizational psychology
  • computer technology

If you haven't completed any college courses (or just a few), you may apply to this program as a freshman. Before taking courses in the areas noted, you'll need to complete your general education credits (freshman and sophomore courses). However, if you have 60 or more credits from one of the University of Wisconsin Colleges (the 2-year campuses) or another college, you may qualify to enter the program as a third-year student. Whatever your situation, our advisors will work with you on a personalized plan to get you off to the right start.

Evening Meeting Times and Convenient Course Locations

Although your degree will be awarded by a 4-year campus, you can take ALL of your courses at many of the UW 2-year campuses.

All courses will be taught in the evening by university faculty. Some classes will be traditional in-person classes. In other instances, you'll be connected with your instructor and peers via a distance learning lab. If your class is taught through the distance lab, your instructor will spend time teaching in-person at your campus to ensure face-to-face contact with all students. You may also have the option of fulfilling some credits via courses offered online.

A Quality Education at an Affordable Cost

A quality education CAN be affordable. Many students are eligible for financial aid. Call or stop by the financial aid offices at any of the UW System Colleges to apply for grants, loans and scholarships. In addition, if you work, your employer may offer tuition reimbursement. Check with the human resources department to find out if tuition assistance is available.