Majors and Transfer

Philosophy Major Information

Students attending any UW Colleges campus may earn an Associate of Arts and Science degree (60 credits) which is the foundation for the bachelor's degree and for more than 200 college majors.  An Associate of Arts and Science degree from UW Colleges satisfies the university-wide general education requirements for most majors at University of Wisconsin campuses.

For students pursuing a Bachelor's Degree, the following degrees are offered at the UW System 4 year campuses which relate to the field of Philosophy.

  • Philosophy
  • Philosophy – Religious Studies Concentration
  • Philosophy – Education


For more detailed information about courses and majors offered on specific campuses, alternative learning options, distance learning options or geographic location, please visit the MajorMania website maintained by UW HELP.

Degree Emphasis

Students pursuing the Associate of Arts and Science Degree may elect to receive a Degree with Emphasis: a concentration of coursework in a given discipline or in more than one discipline, in the case of an interdisciplinary emphasis.

An associate degree with emphasis:

  • Allows students to expand their knowledge and skills in areas of personal, professional and academic interest
  • May provide career advancements, personal enrichment and more job opportunities

Please see the UW Colleges Catalog for details about the emphasis in Philosophy.

Guaranteed Transfer

The UW Colleges Guaranteed Transfer Program enables students to begin their education as a freshman at the UW Colleges and be guaranteed admission to another UW System institution as a junior. After fulfilling certain credit and grade point average requirements, students will transfer with the same rights and privileges as those who begin their education at the baccalaureate institution.

The Guaranteed Transfer Program guarantees admission to the baccalaureate institution only and not to the specific program or major. The guarantee of admission applies only to the institution and not to the specific program or major. Please consult with your advisor for help in choosing courses that will best fulfill your needs for transfer.

For more information on general transfer, see the UW Colleges Transfer Information page.      


The Transfer-Wisconsin, maintained by the University of Wisconsin System, lets UW and Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) students see how their credits will transfer to any UW or WTCS campus.

For more information, see the Transfer-Wisconsin site.