Religious Studies

Religious Studies is an academic field that studies the persistent role of religion in history, culture, art, politics, and human experience. Religious Studies courses help students to understand and critically engage with a wide range of religious issues and religious traditions, which is indispensable preparation for life in today’s complex and globalized world. 

Courses are offered at several UW Colleges campuses, including UW Colleges Online and range from general surveys of several religions and ways of studying religion (e.g. REL 101 Introduction to the Study of Religion), to in-depth study of specific religious traditions (e.g. REL 205 Introduction to Christianity), to explorations of topical issues relating to religion (e.g. REL 302 Religion and Cultural Conflict). 

In 2008, a Religious Studies program was initiated within the Philosophy Department. Many Religious Studies courses are cross-listed with Philosophy courses as well as other fields and Religious Studies is recognized as an interdisciplinary program within UW Colleges. For more information, contact the Program Chair, Dr. Christopher Johnson at