CETL Workshops

Face-to-Face Workshops 

Utilizing Open Educational Resources (OER) - coming Spring 2018
Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices - coming spring 2018
Reading Circles to Discuss “Creating Self-Regulated Learners” - coming spring 2018

Online Workshops

"Teaching At-Risk Students: Strategies for Classroom Success" (Spring 2011)
"Engaged Learning" (Fall 2011)
"Academic Civility" (Spring 2012)
"Course Design: Using 'Backwards Design' to Create Effective Courses"

How They Work

The geographical distribution of the campuses of the UW Colleges and the workloads of our faculty and IAS make face-to-face and even traditional online workshops a challenge, so the workshop each semester will span several weeks, so participants can complete activities on their own time.

d2L Workshops

d2L Workshops are available through UWC d2L/BrightSpace site.

  • Class Observations
  • Representing Your Teaching in Activity Reports and Dossiers