Supporting Students

Student Accessibility Services

UW Colleges provides a Faculty/Staff Guide for Accessibility Services.

The Faculty Room (University of Washington) is a space for faculty and administrators at postsecondary institutions to learn about how to create classroom environments and activities that maximize the learning of all students, including those with disabilities.


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords students certain rights with respect to their education records.

Student Mental Health

Students' mental health concerns directly impact academic performance and achievement. Here is a guide for faculty and staff members to help recognize and assist the emotionally distressed student. Students who are troubling can be referred to the campus Threat Assessment Group (TAG) Team to discuss concerns and determine appropriate steps to take. Mental health counseling services are now available both on-campus and in the community.

Teaching/Learning Resources

The UW System Office of Professional and Instructional Development (OPID) assists faculty and academic staff regarding topics such as student learning, the scholarship of teaching and learning, career stages, and faculty roles and rewards.

Virtual Teaching and Learning Center