Financial Services

Contract Signature Authority 

This document covers contracts for both the acquisition of goods and services (expense) as well as for the collection of revenue.  For questions, please contact Steve Kuhn, Controller, at 608-263-3191.

Contract Signature Authority

Financial Services Contact

For general financial services questions, please contact Steve Kuhn, Controller, at 608-263-3191.  See the contact list below for all Accounting Services or Bursar's related questions. 

Also see Accounting Services and Bursar's Office Contact information

 Accounting Services Contacts

 Regional Financial Specialist

Region  Contact Phone Email
North Eileen Weller 715-261-6172
Northeast  Tracy Schwinn 920-929-1162
Southeast Gloria Wabanimkee 262-335-5218
Southwest  Angela Coenen 608-647-6186 x. 238


Lisa Sisulak 608-758-6565 x120

 ASCAP/BMI Reporting

Please contact Accounting Services at 608-263-1697.

Accounts Payable

For questions about invoices to pay, to research payments, or re-issue checks, please contact your regional financial specialist.

Direct Deposit Retroactive Payments

Please contact Steve Kuhn at 608-263-3191.


For questions about setting up new projects, grant proposal budget checks, grant proposal application checks or UWC/System grants, please contact Steve Kuhn at 608-263-3191.

International Wire Transfer

Please contact Steve Kuhn at 608-263-3191.

P-Cards/Travel Card

For questions about new cards, closing out cards, limits or limit changes, please contact your regional financial specialist.

For funding changes or limit questions/changes, please contact Steve Kuhn at 608-263-3191. 

 P-Card/Travel Card website


For questions about state contracts and purchase orders, please contact your regional financial specialist.


For questions about creating invoices for services provided, bank reconciliation questions or department receipt logs, please contact Steve Kuhn at 608-263-3191.

Travel Expenses & Reimbursement

For information about travel policies and e-reimbursement assistance, please contact your regional financial specialist.

For information about the Concur log-on, please contact Steve Kuhn at 608-263-3191.

 P-Card/Travel Card website


For information about new users, sharing favorites, expense/revenue questions or expense/revenue transfers, please contact your regional financial specialist.

For budget questions and transfers, please contact Teague Mawer at 608-890-4683. 



Bursar's Office Contacts

For general billing questions, please contact the Bursar's Office at 608-265-5002.

General Student Billing Information

Link to Student Finances Website

Important Dates 

Link to important dates related to student billing

Contact the Bursar's Team for help with these questions

Area  Contact Phone Email
Collections Bursar's Team 605-265-5002
Collections Payment Plans      
Credit Outreach Setup      
Dual Enrollment      
Fee Waiver Requests      
HS Special Course Fee Set-Up      
Local Scholarships      
PRISM access granting      
PRISM tuition and Fee setup      
Class Fee Process (ONL, TRIO, NODE)      
Student Payments      
Student Refund      
Third Party Billing/Invoice      
Third party payments      
Third party refund      
Veterans issues/payments