Administrative Policies

# Title

Responsible Office

1 Instructional Academic Staff (Now Senate Policy IP #323) N/A
2 Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals (Replaced by UWCAP 15)  N/A
3 Student Wage Plan Human Resources
4 Accommodation of Religious Beliefs Student Affairs & Enrollment Managemet
5 Policy on Sexual Harassment (Rescinded 10/2012)  N/A

Formal Complaint Procedures for Complaints of Unlawful Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation (Rescinded 10/2012)

7 Vacation Policy for Unclassified Employees Human Resources
8 Reimbursement for Travel and Related Expenses Administrative & Financial Services
9 Labor Day Weekend Procedures Human Resources
10 Reasonable Accommodations Policy Human Resources
11 Travel for Meetings Policy Administrative & Financial Services
12 Unclassified Personnel/Budget Management

Human Resources and Administrative & Financial Services

13 Foundation Relationships Policy Chancellor's Office
14 Cataloging of Media Materials (under review) Academic Affairs
15 Guidelines for Actions by the Institutional Review Board (Replaced Senate Policies IP #404, 404.01. Also see UWC Senate Bylaws 7.03) Academic Affairs
16 Moving Expenses for New Employees Administrative & Financial Services
17 Special Course Fees Policy Administrative & Financial Services
18 Exit Interview for Unclassified Staff Human Resources
19 Employee Assistance Policy Human Resources
20 Computer Software Use Policy Information Technology
21 Facilities Planning Procedures Administrative & Financial Services
22 Campus Mail Use Policy Administrative & Financial Services
23 Employee Mailing Lists  
24 Emeritus Status for Academic Staff (Replaced by Senate Policy ASPP #705)  N/A
25 Protocol for Planning Curriculum, Staffing and Budget (Policy Suspended 4/2011)  Academic Affairs
26 Overhead Income Administrative & Financial Services
27 Records Management Policy Administrative & Financial Services
28 Records Policy (Unclassified Personnel Records) Human Resources
29 Promotion Tenure Dossier Format (Replaced by Senate Policy FPP #501.01) N/A
30 Classified Vacancies/Salary Savings

Human Resources

Administrative & Financial Services

31 Emergency Actions Chancellor's Office
32 AIDS Policy

Human Resources and Student Affairs & Enrollment Management

33 Use of Program Funds for Developmental Education Academic Affairs
34 Placement Testing Academic Affairs
35 Process for Appointment and Evaluation of Department Chairs (Replaced by Senate Policy FPP #505) N/A
36 Administrative Policy on Alcohol Academic Affairs
37 Student Discrimination Student Affairs & Enrollment Management
38 Web Accessibility Information Technology
39 Intercampus Recruiting Protocol Human Resources
40 Teleconferencing Procedures Administrative & Financial Services
41 External Grants Procedure Administrative & Financial Services
42 Electronic Grade Submission Student Affairs & Enrollment Management
43 Student Printing Policy Administrative & Financial Services
44 Energy Management Policy Administrative & Financial Services
45 Summer and Winter Programs Academic Affairs
46 Travel Reimbursement for Split Appointment Faculty and Instructional Staff Academic Affairs
47 Extraordinary Payments for Credit Instruction (Overload) to Full-Time Academic Staff Academic Affairs
48 Campus Constitution Template Academic Affairs
49 Faculty/Staff Secure Computing Best Practices Information Technology
50 Search and Screen Expense Guidelines Human Resources
51 Unclassified Leave Reports Human Resources
52 Relationships With Student Loan Lenders

Student Affairs & Enrollment Management

53 Copyright Policy Academic Affairs
54 Policy on Facilities Naming Administrative & Financial Services
55 Deceased Student Policy Administrative & Financial Services
56 Non-compliance in Human Subjects Research Academic Affairs
57 Unattended Children Policy Student Affairs & Enrollment Managemet