Class Attendance

Instructors may establish reasonable class attendance policies that make allowances for legitimate absences and which comply with legal mandates such as Wis. Admin. Code Chapter UWS 22 Accommodation of Religious Beliefs and the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). If an instructor determines that a certain number of absences will affect the student's grade, the attendance policy should state that this refers to unexcused absences. In these cases, the instructor should identify a mechanism to verify excused absences. Notice of any class attendance policy must be announced in the syllabus.

Students are responsible for completing all work missed because of any absences from class. If students plan to be absent from class because of field trips or extracurricular activities sponsored by the UW Colleges, the instructor in charge of the activity shall provide such information to the other instructors whose classes will be missed. You should consult the campus Student Affairs Office for complete information.