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Non-Employee Expense Reimbursements

Effective July 1, 2017, UW System policy has eliminated the use of paper travel expense reports. All travel and supply expense reimbursements must be submitted through the expense module. The Excel TER version will no longer be accepted for processing. This policy applies to all travel and supplies reimbursements for anyone who is not a UW System employee, such as job candidates, guest speakers, and students. 

If you are working with a guest or student who will have travel expenses or supplies to be reimbursed, complete and submit the UW Colleges Non-Employee Reimbursement Request form. The profile will be available for use within 2 business days.

UW Colleges Non-Employee Reimbursement Request Form

E-Reimbursement Guide for Alternates

UW System Employee Expense Reimbursements

Guests who are employed at other UW institutions and have incurred expenses which will be reimbursed by UW Colleges have the ability to access the e-reimbursement module with their own employee log in credentials. In order to use UW Colleges funding information, the guest will change their business unit to UWCOL and enter the appropriate funding before they create a new report. These expense reports will then be sent through our normal approval chain based on the funding indicated on the report.

Change Business Unit on an Expense Report

90 Day Submission Timeline for Expense Reports

For travel reimbursements and payments to be considered non-taxable income, the University’s travel policies and operational standards must comply with the IRS Accountable Plan Rules. The UW System’s “Accountable Plan” requires the employee’s business expense reimbursement be submitted and with any required itemized receipts within 90 days after the trip completion date or purchase of non-travel supplies.

If an expense report is submitted after the 90 day timeframe, an exception to policy request must be approved and attached to the report in order for the expenses to be reimbursed. 

Expense Reimbursement Exception Policy

Expense Reimbursement Exception Form