Campus Climate Survey


In November 2007 then-Chancellor David Wilson appointed the UW Colleges Diversity Leadership Committee (DLC), chaired by Ron Gulotta (Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology and Sociology, UW-Waukesha), to oversee implementation of the survey.

The Campus Climate Survey was offered at each of the thirteen University of Wisconsin Colleges campuses, UW Colleges Online, and the UW Colleges Central Administration on March 31-April 18, 2008. The survey was open to everyone on campus and in the Colleges - students, staff, and faculty - and everyone was strongly encouraged to take part.

The survey was confidential and was completed either online or in written form. Answers were strictly confidential and anonymous. Each campus received reports of group results only, and no individual was identified in the results.

Within the UW System, five UW institutions elected to participate in the first year of a broad-based campus climate assessment led by the national research team of Rankin & Associates (R&A). For more information regarding the UW System Diversity Climate Assessment Project visit:

To provide a confidential response to any of the campus climate reports or to the UW Colleges Aggregate Final Report, please use the following email address, which goes to UW Colleges Diversity Leadership Committee Chair Ron Gulotta (Associate Professor, Sociology, UW-Waukesha). Any comments or responses shall be kept in the strictest confidence by Dr. Gulotta:

A welcoming and inclusive climate is grounded in respect, is nurtured by continuous attention to climate, and by open dialogue. In order to better learn how life is experienced day-to-day on campus, the UW Colleges participated in the UW System Diversity Climate Study with the UW Colleges Campus Climate Survey.

To review a full campus-specific report contact the campus library.

Other materials

Diversity Leadership Committee

The UW Colleges Diversity Leadership Committee (DLC), chaired by Ron Gulotta (Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology and Sociology, UW-Waukesha), was appointed by Chancellor Wilson in November, 2007, to oversee implementation of the survey.

Ron Gulotta (Associate Professor, Anthropology/Sociology, UW-Waukesha), Chair
Nancy Braem (Program Assistant, Human Resources, Central Office)
Richard Eckert (Assistant Professor, Socioloty, UW-Richland)
Karen Greenler (Sr. Student Affairs Coordinator, UW-Rock County) 
Teale Greylord (Student, UW-Fond du Lac, President of the campus's Multicultural Club, Student Senator, and SGC Financial Director)
Nilhan Gunasekera (Assistant Professor, Chemistry, UW-Rock County)
Vang Her (Academic Advisor, Student Affairs, UW-Marathon County)
Bobbi Jo Johnson (Multicultural Advisor, UW-Sheboygan)
Andrew Keogh (Campus CEO/Dean, UW-Marshfield/Wood County)
George Llanas (Custodial Services Supervisor, UW-Waukesha)
Ellyn Lem (Assistant Professor, English, UW-Waukesha)
Gregg Nettesheim (Senior Information Officer/Institutional Researcher, Central Office)
Dale Redmond (Senior Programmer/Analyst, IT; IS Supervisor 2, Central Office)
Vickie Richmond Hawkins (Director, Continuing Education and Outreach, UW-Marathon County)
Scott Sargent (Instructional Specialist/Associate Lecturer, Chemistry, UW-Marathon County)
Lisa Seale (Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Central Office)
Rhea Theusch (Student, UW-Washington County) 
Jane Turner (Program Assistant Advanced Confidential, UW-Manitowoc)
John Wood (Student, UW-Fox Valley and UW Colleges Disability Services Advisory Committee