Senate Assessment Committee

The Senate Assessment Committee consists of six voting members: three faculty members, one from each academic division; one student affairs administrative staff member; one academic department chair; and one student. The Institutional Assessment Coordinator is a non-voting ex-officio member. Typically, the Senate Assessment Committee is also served by the Institutional Researcher and the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. 


  • Aiding in the construction of each year's assessment action plan, and monitoring its implementation
  • Receiving all data and materials generated by assessment activities;
  • Making recommendations to department assessment coordinators and campus assessment coordinators;
  • Providing information to the academic departments and campuses regarding the assessment process;
  • Ensuring that the assessment program is in keeping with the UW Colleges Strategic Plan;
  • Making recommendations to the Senate for improvements in the assessment program;
  • Making recommendations to the Institutional Assessment Program Coordinator on aspects of the UW Colleges that influence student learning;
  • Disseminating reports on the results and the initiatives based on assessment intended to improve student learning;
  • Publishing an annual report describing the previous year's outcomes of the assessment of student learning.

2017-2018 Roster

  • Jill Halverson, UW Fox Valley (SS Faculty, co-Chair)
  • Breeyawn Lybbert,  UW Manitowoc (NS Faculty. co-Chair)
  • Bill Gillard, UW Fox Valley  (HU Faculty)
  • Sue Kalinka, UW Waukesha (Student Affairs)
  • Rachel Knighten, UW-Fox Valley (Chairs' Rep)
  • Kristin Plessel, Institutional Assessment Coordinator, UW Rock County (ex-officio)
  • Mya Starling &Gregg Nettesheim, UWC Sr Information Mngr Resource (ex-officio)
  • Joseph Foy, UWC Academic Affairs Liason (ex-officio)
  • UWC Student (Student Representative)